15 november 2023

Navigating the Storm: Opcharge’s Involvement in the BlueTusk Atlantic Ocean Challenge

Opcharge is proud to announce its sponsorship of the BlueTusk team as they embark on an extraordinary journey to row, unsupported, across the Atlantic Ocean. This daring adventure, set to commence on December 12th, 2023, will see a four-man crew tackle more than 3,000 miles of treacherous waters in a boat measuring just 8m x 1.5m, facing the unpredictable challenges of the open sea.

The BlueTusk team is set to endure an exceptional physical, mental, and technical challenge, navigating through seas that can be higher than their boat is long. With a real risk of serious consequences if things go wrong, this feat represents the epitome of human endurance and determination.

This incredible journey is expected to take anywhere from 30 to over 80 days, requiring the team to execute more than 1.5 million oar strokes and consume a minimum of 5,000 calories each day to sustain their energy levels.

However, the BlueTusk team’s mission goes beyond personal achievement. They have dedicated their remarkable endeavour to supporting two important causes: Tusk and Blue Marine Foundation.

Tusk is at the forefront of conservation efforts across Africa, working tirelessly to protect endangered species, reduce human-wildlife conflict, and find sustainable solutions to preserve critical habitats. With an urgent need to combat climate change and safeguard our planet’s wildlife, Tusk’s mission aligns perfectly with BlueTusk’s commitment to this monumental challenge.

Blue Marine Foundation is dedicated to restoring the health of our oceans by addressing one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues: overfishing. As the world’s largest carbon sink, the ocean plays a crucial role in stabilizing the Earth’s climate. By combatting overfishing, Blue Marine Foundation strives to ensure the ocean can continue its vital function of mitigating climate change.

“Supporting the BlueTusk Atlantic rowing challenge is not just an adventure; it’s a testament to our commitment to environmental sustainability. At Opcharge, we believe in the power of determination and resilience, and by sponsoring this incredible journey, we hope to inspire others to join us in safeguarding our planet’s future and preserving its natural wonders.” Said Cyriel Van Bree, CEO of Opcharge.

Opcharge’ sponsorship of the BlueTusk Atlantic rowing challenge underscores the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, clean energy, and climate action. By supporting this incredible journey, Opcharge aims to raise awareness about the urgent need to protect our planet’s wildlife, combat climate change, and restore the health of our oceans.

Opcharge encourages everyone to follow BlueTusk’s journey, support their cause, and join the global movement for a more sustainable future.

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