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Are you an EV driver and do you live in the municipality of Tilburg? Or do you have an electric car and do you, for example for work, often come in Tilburg? Opcharge is happy to help you apply for a public charging station in Tilburg. In doing so, you are also helping other users and EV drivers!

Using the information displayed below, we inform you about Opcharge’s services. Realizing public charging stations requires cooperation with the municipality of Tilburg. We have this and fully assist you in requesting a charging station in Tilburg.

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Conditions of the municipality

Before a charging station can be installed, the municipality of Tilburg thoroughly reviews the request. The application is assessed for the need to install one or more new charging stations and uses several criteria. The criteria that must be met are:

  • No existing public charging point(s) are located within 150 meters of the application
  • The nearest installed charging point or charging location has an average usage of 900 kWh or more per charging point in the past six months.
  • The nearest installed charging point or charging location has more than three unique users per charging point in the past six months.
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Requesting a public charging station in your municipality

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How the application process works

You have decided to request a charge point from the municipality of Tilburg for personal or business use. There follows a step-by-step plan of your application process to the municipality of Tilburg. The municipality of Tilburg uses the following process for requesting a charging point:

  • A CPO requests the municipality of Tilburg to enter into a contract in which the CPO has the right to request the municipality for private permission to place charging stations
  • After the contract is concluded, a CPO asks for permission to place a charging station and requests that a traffic order be issued for this purpose
  • Next, the request is reviewed
  • In the case of an approval, the municipality makes a traffic decision
  • After the traffic decision has been made, we can proceed with the placement, operation and management of the charging points


When a request is submitted to the municipality, the charging station applicant makes a proposal for the exact location. The municipality then evaluates this proposal and considers whether the site meets a number of criteria.

The most important criteria is that the ground on which the potential charging station is to be installed is owned by the municipality of Tilburg. This is because the municipality is not responsible for subsoils outside the municipality. Of course, it is also important to ensure passage and safety for other traffic.

Should reconstruction or other infrastructure work be scheduled that makes the installation of the charging stations unsuitable, we will look for more suitable locations. Before the application is made, Opcharge inspects with a professional eye the possibilities for various locations. With years of experience in this industry and installing various charging stations, we have the knowledge of suitable locations for the charging stations.

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Other communities where Opcharge supports you

Tilburg is not the only municipality where Opcharge is active. Would you like to request a public charge post in Eindhoven, Breda, Leiden, Culemborg, Prinsenbeek or Helmond? Even then, you can turn to Opcharge for support. Different municipalities do take different rules and fees. To get a comprehensive overview of these, please refer to the information pages on these different municipalities. LET’S GREEN THE CITY!

Costs and Rates

Unlike a private charging station, requesting a public charging station in the municipality of Tilburg does not involve any costs. Having the charging station installed is also completely free of charge to you. Even the management of the charging stations (think cables, hardware and hosting of the charging stations) is completely taken care of by Opcharge.

Before the public charging stations are requested in cooperation with us, Opcharge does a thorough check at the location where you would like to have the installation of the charging stations carried out. If our check reveals that the power connection at the location in question does not meet the requirements, the power connection must be reinforced. These costs will be charged, however.

Opcharge does charge power rates. These electricity tariffs that you use for charging your electric car are different for each municipality. The electricity rates, which you pay per kWh, also fluctuate constantly from one municipality to another. Hence, we cannot promise you a fixed amount per kWh. An overview of electricity tariffs in Tilburg can be found here.

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