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Do you, as an EV driver, want to apply for a public charging station in Dordrecht because you live in this beautiful city? Or do you have an electric car and are you working in Dordrecht? Opcharge supports you in the application for a public charging station. On this page you can read all about applying for a public charging station in Dordrecht. Are you out of it yet? Then request a charging station directly using the button below.

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Opcharge realizes charging points in your community

Opcharge is your partner in the field of charging stations. We support in the application of charging stations and ensure that your wish, the realization of a charging station, is fulfilled. We install charging stations in public places and on business premises. Requesting a charge point is just a free investment for you. That may sound too good to be true but it’s not. More information about this free investment can be found under the heading ‘costs and rates’.

Opcharge’s mission is to contribute to a greener future. It is a positive development that the Netherlands is getting more and more EV drivers, but then the provision for these EV drivers must be expanded. Opcharge sees an opportunity here to lend a helping hand and realize a greener future together.

We have already realized many charging stations for various companies and municipalities. For example, we have partnerships with the municipalities of Tilburg, Eindhoven, Breda, Helmond and Leiden. Our slogan therefore reads as follows: Let’s green the city.

The terms:

The municipality of Dordrecht also sees an increase in the number of electric cars and therefore wants to grow in the number of public charging stations. They too see that demand continues to grow and that expansion is needed in the area of public charging stations. However, the municipality cannot simply install infinite charging stations. This is subject to a number of conditions drawn up by the municipality of Dordrecht.

  • The charging station should be large enough to accommodate multiple charging stations that may be built in the future.
  • The installed charging point should not be a nuisance to other traffic. Safety comes first at all times.
  • The charging point must not cause any nuisance to already standing benches and/or green facilities.
  • As an applicant, you are registered in the municipality of Dordrecht or you work at least 28 hours per week in the municipality of Dordrecht.
  • As an applicant, you do not have the ability to install a charging station on your own property
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Request a public charging station in Dordrecht

Do you live in Dordrecht and don’t see an opportunity to install your own charging station on your property? This can be very inconvenient when you do have access to an electric vehicle. In that case, Opcharge is happy to help you apply for a public charging station. Through our years of experience, we have already realized this for various parties. Are you the next satisfied client of Opcharge? Inquire about the possibilities today and we will get to work for you with great ambition.

The course of the application process

The decision was made. You want to request a charge point for public or business use. In order to make the application process as straightforward as possible, the Dordrecht municipality has established an application process. After completing these steps, the application is complete. The different steps are shown below:



The location is viewed and checked by us. Does it meet all the requirements of the municipality?



When the location meets the conditions, the installers of Opcharge will proceed with installation



The worries are completely taken away by Opcharge. Think about management and the care of cables

Where do we place the charging point?

You determine the location and our installers then place the desired charging station. Of course, the location is still checked by us first. We look to see if the location meets the above conditions of the municipality. Is that all in order? Then our installer will install the charge point and you can start using it. An important point during the site check, is the power of the power supply. If it is not strong enough, it must be reinforced before our installers can proceed to install the charging stations.

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What charging stations do we install?

We don’t have to be the cheapest. After all, quality may well come at a price. We also show this in the charging stations we place. These are of high quality so they really add value in the charging station. The brands we use are: Alfen Charger, Easee Charger and Qube Charger. In addition, we also have access to two different types of charging stations. A standard charger and a quick charger. The difference between the chargers is shown below.

  • DC charger – quick charger (between 20 and 900 kw)
  • AC charger – standard charger (between 11 and 22 kw)

Costs and Rates

As reported above, the application and installation of a public or business charging station is a free investment for you. This is in contrast to buying/renting your own charging station. Even having the charging station installed is completely free at Opcharge. Also the management of the charging stations, think of taking care of cables, hosting the charging stations and hardware, does not involve any additional costs for you.

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A check on location

Before we proceed with the request for a charging station from the Dordrecht municipality, we do a check on the location where the charging station is to be installed. We will then look at the conditions set by the municipality of Dordrecht and whether the power output meets the correct power for charging an electric car. If this is not the case, the power connection must be reinforced and this adjustment does get charged by us.

When the power connection does suffice, the charging fees are the only cost you incur as a user of the charging station. You then pay per kWh. The power rates Opcharge charges are different for all municipalities. Also, the rate of electricity per kWh often fluctuates, so we can’t promise you a fixed price. A current overview of the electricity rates of the municipality of Dordrecht and the other municipalities can be found here.

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