About us

OPCHARGE specializes in charging solutions for both public, business and private use. In all cases, we are happy to advise and support you in choosing Of your right custom charging solution.


We are OPCHARGE, the improved version of OPLAAD.net. Founded by Pieter Haans and Freddy van Nispen. Coming from a broad commercial background in mobility, we stepped into the dynamic world of charging solutions and everything that comes with it. We want to do our part to accelerate the growth of the number of charging stations in public spaces: charging stations that are directly connected to the public network.

In doing so, we do not aspire to become the biggest. What we do, however, we want to do well and green. The Netherlands aims for 500,000 charging stations, with 1 million charging points, by the year 2025. To reach that number at the current number and pace, it is necessary to install over 200 charging stations per day! We would like to play our part in this and have therefore set ourselves the target of filling 5 percent of the total need for charging points by 2025. We can do this for public, business and private use: anytime, anywhere with the right charging solution and with a complete worry-free service. With us, your request for a charging station is in good and reliable hands. Our company management system guarantees quality and we are currently working on both ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. With 25,000 charging stations from Opcharge by 2025, we know the world has become a little more sustainable. Are you a city or business ready for electric driving? Then we are ready for you!


The founders

Freddy van Nispen and Pieter Haans are born and bred Brabanders with extensive experience in the automotive industry. The world of dealers, importers and manufacturers holds no secrets for them. In fact, because of their international sales and training experience in the automotive industry, they see which new models will be on the market in 5 years. For example, they were the first to see the rapid rise of electric driving and the impact it has on the entire automotive supply chain. Automotive is decisive in the electrification of motoring. Gas stations will have to be replaced by charging stations. This is where they see the greatest challenge and development. And thus the greatest opportunity to contribute to the transition from fossil fuels to electric.

The first charging station

The idea of turning that into entrepreneurship brought them together. True to their characters and backgrounds, they put their money where their mouth is. In 2018, they started their company for realizing public charging stations and charging stations for businesses. Literally by putting the shovel in the ground yourself. Together they dug 6 meters through the rubble for their first charging station, at their favorite restaurant in Breda. Many piles followed, in large parts of the Netherlands. Now no longer by digging ourselves, but in smart cooperation with Dutch suppliers and local contractors.

OPCHARGE’s ambition has grown: 25,000 charging points by 2025. But Freddy and Pieter never forget where they came from. Service, customer focus, sensitivity to local conditions and customized solutions for the EV rider are key. This is natural for them and they may be held accountable for it. Just directly, on their own 06 numbers. Charging around the corner: it can be done! Let’s green the city!



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The corporate policy of Oplaad.net B.V. / Opcharge is aimed at continuity.

The management is convinced that this continuity can only be guaranteed if care for quality and the environment forms an essential part of the total company policy. To this end Oplaad.net B.V / Opcharge maintains a management system based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The policy contains the following principles, in which the management feels obliged and constantly strives to strictly comply with the rules and regulations related to laws, regulations and other requirements and to anticipate future developments.


Oplaad.net B.V. / Opcharge strives for maximum achievable quality, such as with regard to adequate handling of requests, planning, execution, delivery, malfunctions and management / maintenance. Where the quality meets the standards, legal and other requirements.


The organization strives to preserve the environment as much as possible.

The management is open to new developments that can make processes, products and services more environmentally friendly, such as in the following key areas: the organization’s CO2 footprint, sustainable procurement, low-CO2 company cars, sustainable raw materials and nuisance to the environment.

Continuous improvement

Everyone should strive for continuous improvement of quality and environmental results. This is of great importance for the healthy future of our company. Your ideas on this matter are greatly appreciated by the management.


The management establishes concrete quality and environmental objectives each year that are important for customer and employee expectations. New objectives are set annually after evaluating the results. In doing so, we strive for continuous improvement.

Breda, December 13, 2021,

Pieter Haans

Managing Partner / KAM coordinator