Electric charging solutions for cities and businesses

OPCHARGE provides customized charging solutions.

With a focus on public charging solutions for municipalities and

semi-public charging solutions for businesses.


Welcome to OPCHARGE!

We offer electric charging solutions for cities and businesses. We do so with the all-important slogan:

We focus on charging stations in public spaces, where you need them. Our goal is 25,000 charge points by the year 2025, which represents 5 percent of the total market in the Netherlands.

In addition, we also look beyond our national borders with healthy ambitions. We do this with 100 percent green and Dutch wind and solar energy. Why? Because we believe in it. We are happy to assist both cities and companies with our advice and services, such as leasing a charging station or realizing an entire charging hub. In all cases, we deliver customized solutions, where the convenience of the EV driver is our first priority.

EV Driver centred

At OPCHARGE, service, customer orientation, sensitivity to local conditions and tailor-made solutions for EV drivers are key.


OPCHARGE has efficient partnerships with local energy suppliers, contractors and Dutch suppliers.

Data Driven

Together with EVconsult, OPCHARGE creates planning maps for proactive placement per municipality at neighbourhood level.

Requesting a public charging station in your municipality

Request a free public charge post near your home here

Request a free charging station for your company

OPCHARGE installs charging stations for your company. Ask here for the possibilities

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