28 Juni 2023

Charging station company Opcharge accelerates growth after raising record funding of EUR 32 million

Breda, 28 June 2023 – Opcharge, the Dutch provider of charging solutions for the public and semi-public market, has secured an investment of EUR 32 million. The Brabant-based company teamed up with IBS Capital Allies Corporate Finance team to do so. With the capital injection, which comes from major shareholder Ramphastos Investments, ASN Bank and by Aegon Asset Management  controlled investment vehicles, will allow the company to expand its network of charging stations nationally and internationally even faster.

The transaction is the largest investment ever raised in the Netherlands by an independent charging station operator. Cyriel van Bree, CEO and partner of Opcharge: „Both the share of fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids on Dutch roads is growing rapidly. Among other things, improved technology, large supply and shorter delivery times are responsible for this important development in the energy transition. The Netherlands now faces a major challenge, looking at the availability of charging stations for all these cars. Thanks to this raised funding, we can further accelerate our ambitious growth strategy to help meet this demand.“

Climate Agreement

According to the Climate Agreement, all new cars sold in the Netherlands starting from 2030 must be emission-free. In that year, there will be an estimated two and a half million electric cars driving around the Netherlands and this will require around one million public charging points. Van Bree: „We face a huge challenge to realise this. My experience is that the goodwill is high, but many parties lack the knowledge to set up a good infrastructure of charging stations.“ Opcharge is focusing on municipalities, housing corporations, companies and associations. The company distinguishes itself by thinking along with these parties as a partner from the very beginning. „This concerns locations of the charging stations, but also, for example, the consequences for traffic flows, developments in the field of generating and storing green energy, as well as practical matters such as expected maintenance. In addition, we can take care of the financing so there is no obstacle to realising this important facility,“ Van Bree continues.

Accelerating growth

The capital injection of EUR 32 million was raised by three Dutch financiers: major shareholder Ramphastos Investments, ASN Bank and by Aegon Asset Management  controlled investment vehicles (in which the allocation by these investment vehicles being partly enabled by the European Investment Fund with support from the European Union). Diedrik Oost, Principal at Ramphastos Investments, says: „When we invested in Opcharge over a year ago, we initiated an ambitious growth strategy together with the management. The now closed funding shows that this strategy is the right one and enables Opcharge to grow even faster, both in the Netherlands and abroad.“ Van Bree adds: „We have installed the first charging stations in Germany and the UK, and we have advanced plans to become active in the Belgian, French and Spanish markets. Our ambition is to connect 75,000 charging points by 2030, of which at least half outside of the Netherlands.“

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