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Request a public or business charging station in Leiden? You can do that at Opcharge! As an EV-driver in the municipality of Leiden, you will be fully relieved by Opcharge. We support you in the application of charging points for electric vehicles. Through this page we would like to inform you about the possibilities we offer E-riders in the municipality of Leiden.

Requesting a public charging station
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We provide sufficient charging points in your area

Do you live or work in the municipality of Leiden and drive an electric vehicle? Then you need a charging station to continue your journey. Even if you don’t have access to a charging station at home. Opcharge’s mission is to contribute as much as possible to a greener world and the installation of charging stations in the municipality of Leiden is part of that mission. The prospect of more and more people using green power is the future for us.

At Opcharge, we realize both public charging stations and business charging stations in the municipality of Leiden. For example, do you have a business with a parking lot? Then charging stations can’t be missed these days. It is an extra service to your guests and customers. A customer comes to your company in his or her electric car for an appointment. When this customer has the possibility to charge the electric vehicle, the customer will experience this as a fine service.

Besides the municipality of Leiden, Opcharge has already realized public charging stations in the municipality of Eindhoven, Tilburg, Helmond, Breda and Dordrecht. View all regions. Let’s green the city!

The conditions from the municipality

The fact that electric driving is becoming more and more popular is also apparent to the municipality of Leiden. In fact, Leiden is among the fastest growing cities in the Netherlands when it comes to the increase in the number of electric vehicles. To keep everything within limits, the municipality of Leiden did set some conditions for the installation of business/public charging points. The established conditions are shown below.

  • The applicant must reside or work in the municipality of Leiden.
  • The applicant has an all-electric vehicle (two- or four-wheeled) or a plug-in hybrid vehicle at his or her disposal (four-wheeled).
  • There is not yet a public charging station within 350 meters of the applicant’s downtown residential address or 200 meters of the applicant’s residential address outside of the singles.
  • As an applicant, you do not have the option of installing a charging station on your own property.
Arrange it quickly and easily

Request your free charging station now

Apply for a public charge point

Do you want to charge your electric car easily and close to home or work? Then apply for a public charging point through Opcharge. Through our cooperation with the municipality of Leiden we arrange everything from A to Z for you. Thus, in no time at all, you too can supply your car with green power in your neighborhood. LET'S GREEN THE CITY.

Requesting a public charge post in Leiden

Do you live in the beautiful city of Leiden and do you not have the opportunity to place a charging point on your own property? If you have an electric vehicle you do need a charging station. One solution to this is to request a public charging station in your area. Opcharge is happy to help you with this application. In fact, we have already done this for numerous clients. Therefore, inquire about the possibilities today so that the realization of public charging stations in public parking lots can start soon.

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Location determination according to the traffic decision

You are convinced of the necessity of a charging station in your municipality and step to Opcharge for the request of a charging station. You initially determine the location of the desired charging station. We at Opcharge will then verify that the location meets the various conditions that have been established.

An important condition of the site is the power supply. If it is not strong enough for a charging point, it must be amplified. In many other cases, a charging point simply meets the conditions and Opcharge proceeds with its realization. Our installers will then get to work installing the charging station. All we ask of you is to host our installers.

Loading on private property

Would you rather have a charging point on your own property? In that case you do not have to report this to the municipality of Leiden. The realization of a private charging station on private property must be arranged with the supplier of the charging stations. Opcharge currently only realizes public charging stations and on-site charging stations for companies. For a home charging station, unfortunately, you cannot come to us.

What charging stations do we install?

At Opcharge, we value quality. We therefore do not pretend to be the cheapest, because as far as we are concerned, quality may well have a price. The quality we ensure is reflected in the charging stations we facilitate. Opcharge only works with proven brands such as Charger, Easee Charger and Qube Charger. The quality of these charging stations really bring added value. With Opcharge, you also have access to two different types of charging stations. After all, would you rather have a charged car as soon as possible? Then you can choose our quick charger. The types of charging stations are shown below.

  • DC charger – quick charger (between 20 and 900 kw)
  • AC charger – standard charger (between 11 and 22 kw)
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No investment is required

It may sound unrealistic and too good to be true. But you really don’t have to make an investment to apply for and install a charging station with Opcharge. We promise. This is in contrast to purchasing your own charging station. Opcharge takes full responsibility for the management of the charging stations. This includes taking care of the cables, hardware and hosting of the charging stations. All these services do not involve any additional cost to you.

Check on location

As mentioned above, Opcharge does a site check before the application. If this shows that the power supply is not strong enough for the charging point to work, the power supply needs to be strengthened. These costs are charged to the business customer or the municipality.

In most cases, the power connection simply meets the appropriate conditions and the charging point is installed. In that case, the charging rates are the only costs you have to incur as a user of the charging station. With Opcharge, you pay per kWh consumed. These electricity rates vary by municipality. A complete overview of the cost per kWh per municipality can be found on the rates page. Please note that these costs fluctuate in the current market so we cannot promise a fixed price in advance.


Requesting a charging station in your area?

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