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Do you live or work in Breda, do you drive an electric car and do you want to request a charging station in this Burgundian city? Opcharge supports you in the application for public charging stations or business charging stations. Read all about our services related to requesting a charging station in Breda on this page. Do you prefer to request charging stations in other municipalities? Opcharge is active in Eindhoven, Tilburg, Breda and Leiden, among other places. Click here and search for your desired municipality.

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Opcharge realizes charging stations in your neighborhood

Opcharge takes care of the application, installation and hosting of charge points in the municipality of Breda. Opcharge is your partner in the provision of electric charging stations and realizes business and public charging stations/charging bays as desired. Want to know all about this free investment? Then read on and check out the heading ‘arrange a charging station without investment’.

Every year, the Netherlands is hosting more charging points for electric vehicle owners (EV drivers) and that, from a climatic perspective, is a positive thing. Opcharge likes to contribute to a greener future by realizing more and more charging stations throughout the Netherlands. It is also for this reason that Opcharge works with the following slogan; Let’s green the city.

Opcharge not only realizes charging stations in the municipality of Breda. Through our extensive knowledge and experience, we have already provided several municipalities with public and business charging stations. Today, in addition to the municipality of Breda, we have entered into cooperation with the municipality of Tilburg, Eindhoven, Helmond, Leiden, Culemborg and Dordrecht. Is your municipality among them? Then take a look at the relevant page and discover the many possibilities.

The terms:

The City of Breda has established a number of conditions to approve the application for business or public charging stations. Does your application meet all of these requirements? Then we can start realizing your desired charge point.

  • The applicant must hold a vehicle registration certificate or lease for an electric vehicle. Do you not yet have any of the above documents but expect to receive them within three months? Then you can prove this with the purchase agreement of the electric vehicle or a legitimate statement from the leasing company.

  • The applicant is registered as a resident of the municipality of Breda or works at least 28 hours per week in the municipality of Breda. You can prove this with a valid employment contract.

  • The applicant does not have space to install their own charging station and/or charge an electric vehicle on their own property.

The roadmap of an application process

First, the applicant applies for a charging point desired by them via the application form. Is there a need for business or public charging stations and what type of charger is preferred for the applicant? It also thoroughly describes the desired location of the charging station.



Opcharge receives the application and reviews whether the applicant meets all of the above conditions. Opcharge also looks at the applicant's desired location. When it meets all the requirements, it will proceed to install the desired charging point.


Power supply

Power should be available at the site for maximum load capacity. When the power supply is too weak to facilitate a full charging point, it will need to be reinforced. These costs will be charged to the applicant.



Opcharge aims to install a charge point, after request, within two to four months. The installation is done by our mechanics after which the applicant is completely relieved in the further process of the charge point. Think about repairs or other emergencies.

Protected cityscapes

The beautiful municipality of Breda has a number of monumental buildings and parks. There are also two protected cityscapes in the municipality of Breda. In these townscapes, different rules apply to the placement of a new public charging station than in other parts of the municipality. In order to keep these two cityscapes as untouched as possible, the realization of a public charging station is unlikely. The two cityscapes are located in Ginneken and the center of Breda.


Overview of charging points in the municipality of Breda?

The municipality of Breda also already has a large number of charging stations/stations. In this overview you can see at a glance the public network and which locations in the municipality of Breda have charging stations. Do you live or work in a part of Breda where there are still a small number of charging stations available? Then call in Opcharge. We will work with you to ensure that soon you too will have a charging station in your neighborhood.

Arrange a charging station without investment

We do not charge for the installation of a public or business charging station, unlike buying/renting your own. Even the management of the realized charging stations, such as the care of the hardware of the respective stations, does not have to be paid for by the client.

Opcharge only charges a rate per kWh used. The cost per kWh is different in each municipality and fluctuates continuously. Therefore, we cannot promise a fixed price. Would you like an overview of the rates per kWh of each municipality that Opcharge works with? Then check out this page. Are you convinced of the impact Opcharge can make on our society and do you, as an electric driver, want to have a charging station in your neighborhood? Don’t hesitate and make a free application today. Let’s green the city.

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