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When you own a new electric car, you must also apply for a charging station. Electric cars may be the best and cleanest invention of the century, but without an electric charging station, you won’t make it off the street. You may be responsible for an electric charging station yourself, but in many cases the municipality is responsible for this. Opcharge can give you a helping hand in applying for a public charging station. An application for a charging station is completely free of charge.

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Public charging station

Public charging stations are charging stations that anyone can use to charge their electric car. However, at public charging stations you will need to use your own charging cable. This is not necessary at fast charging stations, where the cables are already present.

The Netherlands currently has over 81,000 public charging stations and this number will continue to rise at a rapid pace in the coming years. More and more car owners are switching to “green” electric cars and so the demand for public charging stations is also increasing. The Netherlands has set a goal of accommodating 500,000 charging stations in public spaces in three years.

Conditions of the municipality

The conditions for applying for charging stations are different in each municipality. Yet all municipalities have one common denominator when it comes to requesting charging stations. You can apply for a public charging station if you cannot install one yourself. This means that you do not have the ability to park on your property and install a charging station. Also for all other cases you can always call on Opcharge. We will then look at your situation and check with the relevant municipality whether you are eligible to apply for a charging station.

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Charging point on own premises

If you want to install a charging point on your own property, you do not have to notify the municipality. In this case, you arrange the installation of charging points on your property yourself with the supplier of the charging points. We are currently only realizing charging stations on our own premises for businesses.

Request an electric charge post

At Opcharge, you have two choices until you request charging stations. You can request a public charging station in your municipality, even if it is in a different municipality than your home town. This way you encourage the neighborhood or your colleagues to drive “greener. The application for charging stations in public spaces is completely non-binding with Opcharge. Want to request a charging station for your business? Then, too, you have come to the right place at Opcharge.

Requesting a public charging station in your municipality

Request a free public charging station near your home address here.

Request a free charging station for your company

OPCHARGE realizes charging stations for your business. Ask about the possibilities here.

Listening to clients

Because we have been driving electric ourselves for years and working in this industry, we know exactly what our customers demand. We also always listen carefully to the wishes and needs of our clients, and are happy to respond to them.

Let's green the city!

We have already implemented charging solutions for

Opcharge specializes in charging solutions for both public and business use. Over the years we have already done this for several renowned companies, but also large municipalities such as Eindhoven, Tilburg, Breda and Leiden knock on our door to realize charging solutions. These municipalities truly see Opcharge as an outcome for helping to make cities more sustainable. LET’S GREEN THE CITY.

In these communities you can request a charging station

Requesting a charging station in your area?

Charging station Tilburg


Do you have an electric car and no private parking? In this municipality you can apply for a charging point.

Charging station Dordrecht

All municipalities

Request public charging point in the municipality for your electric car? You can do so through Opcharge!