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Do you live or work in the municipality of Eindhoven and do you have an electric car at your disposal? Then an electric charging station is necessary to continue your journey. The application process for such a charging station can go past many agencies and therefore become time consuming.

Opcharge is the ideal partner in this. We submit the request for a business or public charge point to the Municipality of Eindhoven and relieve you of all the actions involved in providing the business or public charge points. Would you rather have a charging station in another municipality? Then check out this information page and see the many options Opcharge can do for you. LET’S GREEN THE CITY!

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Opcharge provides charging points in your community

Opcharge has a clear mission: to contribute to a greener future for the Netherlands. Dozens of new charging stations are being installed every week, which is a positive development. The Netherlands is driving cleaner and cleaner. Opcharge sees an opportunity to accelerate this development by establishing charging stations in municipalities. Below, the two types of charging stations that Opcharge realizes are highlighted for you. Which one fits you best?


Opcharge realizes charging stations on public land. So do you not have the opportunity to install a charging point on your own property? Then Opcharge will be happy to help you apply for a public charging station. We determine the location for placing public charging poles together. You can indicate your preference. Note; public charging stations may also be used by your neighbors and visitors. Opcharge then does a site check to inspect whether the chosen site meets the appropriate conditions. Some conditions are highlighted later on this page.

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On own business land

Do you want to install a charging station on your own company land? Even then, you can engage Opcharge. Business charging stations offer just that little bit of extra service for customers and employees so they continue their way from your company with a smile. The conditions for installing a business charging station are more lenient than a public charging station, as this involves private land. However, it is important that your power supply is strong enough. Is this not the case? Then Opcharge will be happy to reinforce them for you so you can still use our business charging stations.

Read more about business charging stations

The conditions of a public charging station

In order to prevent the installation of unnecessary public charging points, the Municipality of Eindhoven has drawn up a number of conditions. The main conditions can be read below.

  • The applications must show a registration certificate or lease contract of an electric car. Are you not yet in possession of a registration certificate or lease contract but expect to receive it within three months? Then show the purchase agreement or a statement from the leasing company.
  • The applicant is registered as a resident of the municipality of Eindhoven or works at least 28 hours per week in the municipality of Eindhoven.
  • The applicant is not in a position to install a charging point on their own property.
  • Is there already a placed charging station within 300 meters of the desired location? Then, a new charging station is realized only when the already existing charging station is often occupied. This is the assessment of the municipality of Eindhoven.

Request a charging station in Eindhoven

Requesting a public charging station

Do you meet the above conditions and need a charging station nearby? Request a charging station today.


How is the location determined?

The client initially decides where he or she would like to see the charge point placed. Opcharge then looks at whether this desired location meets the requirements. During the check, the disruption to any traffic is considered. After all, safety always comes first. It also looks at the strength of the power supply and whether there are already installed charging points in the area. When this is the case, the municipality auctions a judgment for the realization of the desired charging station.

Course of application process

You have made the choice and apply for a business or public charging point through Opcharge. We will get to work right away to make this wish a reality as soon as possible. In order to make the application process as clear as possible, we have drawn up an application process for you so that you are not faced with unexpected twists and turns. The different steps are shown below:

Location Check

The client chooses a location. We then do a location check to closely examine whether this chosen location meets the right conditions.


In the desired case, the site meets all the conditions. That's the signal for Opcharge to have installers install the charging stations.


The charging station is fully installed and ready for use. You don't need to look at this any further. Opcharge takes care of all concerns such as management and care of the cables.

No purchase cost

Requesting business or public charging stations from Opcharge is a free investment, unlike renting or buying your own charging station. We also do not charge for the installation and management of the charging stations. Opcharge only charges a rate for the kWh consumed. These rates are different in each municipality and fluctuate wildly. This is the reason why we cannot promise fixed prices per kWh. Are you curious about the rates per municipality?

Our rates
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Do you have an electric car and but no parking space with your own charging station? Opcharge helps you apply for public charging stations

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